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Hitting the early morning streets is such a treat - a must-do if you ask me... Pic Cred: www.getoutside.co.za

Urban Trail Sundays in the mother city…

It’s always a treat to get out nice and early in your hometown, surrounded by lumo-clad, like-minded individuals looking for a great way to get some fitness in without getting too extreme on the ‘day of rest’ and that is what Get Outside‘s Urban Trail Sundays are all about – a run through the inner-city and suburban surrounds […]

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2012 was an awesome year! The blog turned 1, I started surfski paddling, lost a bunch of weight and also finished my bachelors degree. It was an allround win and I feel like I’m hitting 2013 with a bunch of momentum, something which was lacking at the start of 2012. This morning I went for […]

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summer lightning 960px

Moment of 2012

Lying in bed on a hot Summer night at about 1am & all of a sudden I hear thunder crashing down and then almost instantly the rain came washing over. I packed my tripod and camera and rushed into the car, hoping to get some lightning pics. The rain was still pouring down so I […]

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marine eco-tour table mountain

The Best Weekend Ever

Every once in a while you have a weekend that shocks the system with the sheer amount of amazing things that go down. This weekend was one of those where all the stars alignned, the moon was blue and the weather played it’s part. I suppose it literally was a once in a blue moon […]

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table mountain tightrope

Tightrope Walking on Table Mountain

Even though this guy is attached to the rope I don’t think I’ll be doing this anytime soon. Table Mountain has to be one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world and adventurers from all around the world come here to get a taste of it. The last incidient was of a famous base […]

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The SA Museum

Tourist in my own City #LoveCapeTown

Lately I’ve been chatting to a few friends and we’ve all come to the conclusion that we’ve gotten too used to seeing Cape Town’s iconic landmarks and scenery. A prime example is Table Mountain, it’s awesome and I love it but I just don’t have that same excitement as a tourist seeing it for their […]

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CT by gopro

Cape Town by GoPro (Work in Progress)

After succumbing the urge to buy a gopro, I’ve had zero buyers remorse and am enjoying every second of it. Just in the last 2 weeks I have some awesome clips surfing, wave riding on the surfski, random adventures & also a few cool timelapses. After every session I am learning some new tips & […]

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Cape Town Winter Restaurant Specials 2012

It’s that time of the year where dining can be really cheap if you put a little bit of effort into it. But you don’t really have to do anything because I will share all the awesome Cape Town winter restaurant specials of 2012 right here, as I come across more I will update the […]

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Winter is here

I think it is safe to say that Winter has officially arrived in Cape Town. With almost no South Easter last week and rain forecast for the upcoming week the Cape is getting some much needed rain. I just hope that the dam levels improve this year as they have been consistenly low for the […]

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Cape of Storms 1905 Salt River

Old Pictures of Cape Town

Cape Town really has a fascinating history filled with massive growth, British colonisation, Apartheid and copius amounts of ship wrecks. Here are a few pics with the first argus cycle tour in 1978, a shipwreck in 1905, Newlands in 1974 & the last picture shows the marks on Table Mountain created by the construction of […]

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