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GwangJu Youth Centre: Where kids get a chance to soar – without ever leaving the ground

A good friend of mine moved over to South Korea a few years ago, Seoul specifically, to teach. This is a familiar story – the graduate teaching English in Asia. Many of us have those friends but do you ever get a chance to hear and see some of what they do, exactly? Teaching out […]

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Camping in Yzerfontein

Yzerfontein is a typical West Coast town and offers a great deal considering that it’s almost a stones throw away from Cape Town. It’s the perfect getaway if you want to sneak away for a night or don’t feel like driving for endless km’s. You don’t really have any option over different campsites in Yzerfontein, […]

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Camping Knots

There are so many knots out there and it can often get confusing looking at all the knots and deciding which ones to use. I will show you three knots which are brilliant for camping and general use and with these you will be able to sort most problems out. With these in the bag […]

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Basic Camping Tips

I know you want me to get to the interesting and fun posts, but I think it is essential that, firstly, some basics are formulated. These can make the difference between having a good trip and having a great trip! It is best that you find out when peak seasons are and try and avoid […]

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How to Become a Camping Guru

This is a series of 5 posts that will cover a variety of tips & tricks that I have learned and it will turn ordinary camping trips into something great! I guarantee that you will learn something from this and next time you go camping you will be able to show your pals a trick […]

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5 Camping Trips in 6 weeks

I’m a really keen camper and I have big plans for the next 6 weeks. There are three definite trips on the cards but I will try squeeze a few more out! This post will be my commitment to make every effort to try and go camping 5 times in the next 6 weeks. On […]

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