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Best Camping & Outdoor iPhone apps 2012

Having cellphones and using apps isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time outdoors, but there is a time & place for everything and these apps are guaranteed to be of use at one stage or another. I have compiled a list of the best outdoor apps and camping apps to ensure that if you ever […]

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campsite yzerfontein

Camping in Yzerfontein

Yzerfontein is a typical West Coast town and offers a great deal considering that it’s almost a stones throw away from Cape Town. It’s the perfect getaway if you want to sneak away for a night or don’t feel like driving for endless km’s. You don’t really have any option over different campsites in Yzerfontein, […]

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5 camping trips in 6 weeks UPDATE

I came one trip short but in the end I really enjoyed the last 6 weeks of fun and adventures. First off we headed to the Elgin tented camp to watch Prime Circle and stay the night. I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was a great start to the festive season. Then for New Years […]

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oztent malamoo tent

Malamoo 3 Second Tent

I heard about this tent a while ago and always thought of it as a gimmick but after seeing it in action I was quite impressed and I think I need to give this tent a second chance. It’s not the best tent out there for longer camping trips but if you are looking for […]

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Camping in Robertson

This has to be one of my favourite camping spots I’ve ever been to! In Robertson you can camp basically on the Breede River and the scene you wake up to is second to none. Another major plus is that the river offers so much in the form of swimming, fishing, canoeing, boating and exploring. There […]

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Camping Knots

There are so many knots out there and it can often get confusing looking at all the knots and deciding which ones to use. I will show you three knots which are brilliant for camping and general use and with these you will be able to sort most problems out. With these in the bag […]

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camping series 1

Basic Camping Tips

I know you want me to get to the interesting and fun posts, but I think it is essential that, firstly, some basics are formulated. These can make the difference between having a good trip and having a great trip! It is best that you find out when peak seasons are and try and avoid […]

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camping series blank

How to Become a Camping Guru

This is a series of 5 posts that will cover a variety of tips & tricks that I have learned and it will turn ordinary camping trips into something great! I guarantee that you will learn something from this and next time you go camping you will be able to show your pals a trick […]

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5 Camping Trips in 6 weeks

I’m a really keen camper and I have big plans for the next 6 weeks. There are three definite trips on the cards but I will try squeeze a few more out! This post will be my commitment to make every effort to try and go camping 5 times in the next 6 weeks. On […]

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Camping on a budget

I used to be under the impression that going camping was an expensive ordeal but after a few trips and the cutting down of unnecessary costs I can safely say it can be cheaper then a night out on the town! Here are a few tips I’ve learned: 1.) Camp with friends– Petrol and campsite […]

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