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Of death fields, temple ruins and all-nighters – Cambodia: the highlight reel

I can’t recall, in all my travels, having come across a country quite like Cambodia, that crept into my heart with biting agony and joyful euphoria all at once. It is an incredible country to visit and will leave you spellbound by its tragic past and vibrant present. Quite simply, though, Cambodia really has it […]

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A Mid-May Meander in Mozzieambique

What started out as a real pie-in-the-sky conversation of following a friend’s band to Mozambique (or Mozzieambique as I have come to call it) for a gig turned into one of the best holidays you could imagine despite the fact that our plans to go to a music festival withered away when we found out […]

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Eland’s Bay: Sand, surf, a stickified sign board and a window rock

Although I’ve visited Eland’s Bay before and stayed in the adjacent towns of Redelinghuys and Lambert’s Bay, I’ve never spent any significant amount of time in the small West Coast surfer town. For that reason, when I saw an online deal to stay at Vensterklip, about 4kms out of Eland’s Bay, I jumped at the […]

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The fisherman’s cabin at Bonnievale River Lodge

  I have stayed in more quaint and interesting places than I can even remember but something about the Fisherman’s Cabin, at Bonnievale River Lodge, made it one that will stay fresh in my mind for a while. (ed’s note: I wrote this last year – still fresh!) The word cosy is an understatement. Somehow […]

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GwangJu Youth Centre: Where kids get a chance to soar – without ever leaving the ground

A good friend of mine moved over to South Korea a few years ago, Seoul specifically, to teach. This is a familiar story – the graduate teaching English in Asia. Many of us have those friends but do you ever get a chance to hear and see some of what they do, exactly? Teaching out […]

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1322 Backpackers International – Break the hustle in Blue Bull town…

It’s not often that we (read I) travel up north to good old Gautengaleng but when I do I usually stay with family or mates, depending on the occasion. This time however, I made 1322 Backpackers, nestled into probably the greenest strip of earth one is likely to find in Gauteng, my home for the […]

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Swellendam Backpackers: A gem hidden in a sleepy nook

Every now and then you will come across those skeptical phrases like ‘a stone’s throw away’ or ‘nestled between’ or ‘within walking distance’ and that red light of suspicion fires. Well, that is how it is for me. For that reason, I try to steer clear of such language on the odd chance that I […]

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Snow Capped: a Weekend in Matroosberg

On a typical wintery morning I wokeup and checked the weather forecast and to my suprise there was a massive storm on the way which was forecast to hit landfall on Friday night/ Saturday morning. Knowing that this would almost definitely result in snow in the Matroosberg mountains I immediately phoned around looking for nearby […]

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Gunther Holtorf’s Inspirational 23-year Road Trip

This has to be my favourite story I’ve ever shared on the blog. This man is a true inspiration and adventurer like I have never seen before. Not a single sponsor sticker on his car, no digital cameras, no winches, just a man with a dream and the heart to pursue it. This video captures […]

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Best Camping & Outdoor iPhone apps 2012

Having cellphones and using apps isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time outdoors, but there is a time & place for everything and these apps are guaranteed to be of use at one stage or another. I have compiled a list of the best outdoor apps and camping apps to ensure that if you ever […]

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