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7 cheap or free things to do in Bangkok

When it comes to Asian mega cities, places like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing are the kingpins but South East Asia has the cherries on the city cake with the likes of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and especially Bangkok offering sprawling urban playgrounds for every pocket. If you are looking for things to do in Bangkok […]

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Exploring Echo Valley

As Capetonians we are spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking and sprawling views. However, people seem to get hung up on taking the same old selfies on Lion’s Head when, in reality, there is just so much more out there – and Echo Valley is calling your name… Ambling along Boyes Drive in […]

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Urban Trail Sundays in the mother city…

It’s always a treat to get out nice and early in your hometown, surrounded by lumo-clad, like-minded individuals looking for a great way to get some fitness in without getting too extreme on the ‘day of rest’ and that is what Get Outside‘s Urban Trail Sundays are all about – a run through the inner-city and suburban surrounds […]

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Imagina na Copa – A Story of Riot in the Face of World Cup Celebration

It’s been four years since South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. I’m sure this hit as a stark reality for many of us at the rolling over of the new year. We were, undeniably, left with some great memories. I, for one, can think back fondly to jumping on tables in fan tents, hugging […]

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Killarney Track Day: GM/Reeds, Take a Bow!

I thought, for some inexplicable reason, that I was over the giddy, childlike excitement that came with driving cars with a certain performance calibre. I don’t know what could possibly have brought this misconception about. Fortunately, an amazing bout at a Killarney Track Day with the guys from GM and Reeds reignited that goose-bumpy passion I thought […]

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All-new Isuzu KB hits SA shores

As a child I was always fascinated when I came across a bakkie (a ‘pick-up’ for our non-South African friends) with my initials, KB, on the side or back panels. I would beam proudly as I pointed it out to the nearest cousin or whomever was within arm’s reach. I didn’t know that it was […]

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EXTREME Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is the first ocean sport I got into and there really is no feeling like launching up a wave and flying. If only Icarus knew… Anyway here is the most extreme kiteboarding video I’ve ever seen and believe me, you want to see it too. Big ups to Ruben Lenten!

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2012 was an awesome year! The blog turned 1, I started surfski paddling, lost a bunch of weight and also finished my bachelors degree. It was an allround win and I feel like I’m hitting 2013 with a bunch of momentum, something which was lacking at the start of 2012. This morning I went for […]

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One of those days

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure. Joseph Campbell For those of you that don’t know, I’ve just finished my final exams for my degree and am in the process of applying for jobs and the days can get really boring. Today was […]

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Lightning Pics, Baby Seals & Surfski Wipeout

To say I’ve been inactive on for the last while would be an understatement. I’ve been very busy preparing for my final university exams (ever!) so everything else took a back seat. I did however manage to sneak in a few cool photos and videos which I haven’t officially shared on the site. I […]

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