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Baywatch Bergemann is a wayward, transient academic who would rather spend his time on the beach or on a hillside than in the classroom. We're thankful for that and that he chooses to spread his wisdom here rather than anywhere else.

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Lion’s Head Run: Short, Tough and Ultimately Satisfying

Over the past few weeks we have had one or two days of intermittent sunshine to remind us that our blazing African champion has not forsaken us and that summer is a mere few months away. On these days I have looked out towards Table Mountain and Lion’s Head and told myself that the next […]

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Cape Town HOLI Party Coming Our Way!

Cape Town, get excited! For anyone who has not heard, the HOLI party, of German and Spanish fame and stemming from the Indian celebration from whence its name is drawn, is set to make an appearance for the first time in Africa in our very city! Sorry for all the exclamations but this is actually something […]

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Fermin the Whale Shark Marred by Propellor Lacerations

Last night a friend sent me a link to the story of Fermin, the juvenile male whale shark frequenting the feeding areas of Tan-Awan in the Phillipines. I have linked the story at the end of this article but, to summarize, the gist of it surrounds the dangers faced by these mesmeric gentle giants of […]

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Plight of the Big Cats: Wildlife Treasures On the Verge of Collapse

With all the huplah surrounding conservation at the moment, especially with the plight of the rhino coming under the mass social hysteria microscope there is little wonder why other conservation threats are barely even heard of. I am not against the mass rallying for the cause of the rhino. However, when serious conservation issues turn […]

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Madiba’s legacy more than one day of charity

I’m paraphrasing Morgan Freeman where he said in a radio interview last week that “Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest men the human race has ever known” . As South Africans this statement seems almost matter-of-fact. Of course Madiba, everyone’s favourite ‘Tata’, is a great man – it’s just satisfying to know that his appeal spreads across […]

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Spotlight on Mugabe… Again…

To begin, I know this is an adventure site and not one of political discourse, that’s all good and well. The point arises, however, that any good adventurer is a well-informed one and as Zimbabwe lies on the border of our beautiful country, happenings there should never be far from our adventurous radars. Inevitably, with […]

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Shark attacks force ban on cage diving in Western Australia

A spate of four fatal shark attacks in West Australian waters since September have brought about heavy-handed bans on shark cage diving activities as government tries to clamp down on the industry. This is doubly interesting as shark cage diving is not actually an established tourist activity in the region, yet Fisheries minister Norman Moore has […]

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Baran’s: A gem in the Mother City’s centre

by ‘Baywatch Bergemann’

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