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Baywatch Bergemann is a wayward, transient academic who would rather spend his time on the beach or on a hillside than in the classroom. We're thankful for that and that he chooses to spread his wisdom here rather than anywhere else.

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A Sunday chill at Durbanville Hills

(A quick full disclosure – I wrote this post at the end of July going into some sunny patches in August, when sunshine was somewhat rare, but considering we are at the end of September and still experiencing the tail end of winter with rain spatters, cold winds and clouds, it still seems somewhat apt… […]

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Urban Trail Sundays in the mother city…

It’s always a treat to get out nice and early in your hometown, surrounded by lumo-clad, like-minded individuals looking for a great way to get some fitness in without getting too extreme on the ‘day of rest’ and that is what Get Outside‘s Urban Trail Sundays are all about – a run through the inner-city and suburban surrounds […]

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Seeing stripes at Mountain Zebra National Park

If you’re anything like me I’m sure there are plenty of things you have every good intention of doing but for some reason just never get around to actually doing. This post is one of those things. In June last year (yes, 11 months ago!) I visited the Mountain Zebra National Park and the only […]

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GwangJu Youth Centre: Where kids get a chance to soar – without ever leaving the ground

A good friend of mine moved over to South Korea a few years ago, Seoul specifically, to teach. This is a familiar story – the graduate teaching English in Asia. Many of us have those friends but do you ever get a chance to hear and see some of what they do, exactly? Teaching out […]

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Cocoa Wah Wah – The dinner before the show

I was lucky enough to be given tickets to Rob van Vuuren’s What What at the Baxter not too long ago. That was great but this post is about something else – the food we had before the show, which was also great – and cheap (enough) – at Main Road’s Cocoa Wah Wah, in Rondebosch… I […]

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Oudekraal braaiing, like when we were kids

Don’t ask me why, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but for some reason I have lived in Cape Town my whole life and never been to Oudekraal. I wish I had, because I’m sure it would have brought back even more of a flood of nostalgia if I had actually been there […]

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1322 Backpackers International – Break the hustle in Blue Bull town…

It’s not often that we (read I) travel up north to good old Gautengaleng but when I do I usually stay with family or mates, depending on the occasion. This time however, I made 1322 Backpackers, nestled into probably the greenest strip of earth one is likely to find in Gauteng, my home for the […]

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Viva Portugal – This Ocean Basket gets it right!

We don’t usually cover things we deem commercial (in the retail sense, that is) but after Chris and I had some fun at an Ocean Basket that does things a little differently, we thought we’d give it a bash… Tucked neatly into a corner at the Edgemead Village Centre lies Ocean Basket Edgemead and once every two […]

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Imagina na Copa – A Story of Riot in the Face of World Cup Celebration

It’s been four years since South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. I’m sure this hit as a stark reality for many of us at the rolling over of the new year. We were, undeniably, left with some great memories. I, for one, can think back fondly to jumping on tables in fan tents, hugging […]

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Take a seat at Table 13

A few weeks ago I found myself in Green Point, picking up a ring from a local jeweler. Upon my arrival I discovered that they were still busy setting the stones and polishing and adding the final touches so I decided to take a leisurely stroll while the jewelers did their thing. Meandering around a […]

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