This is what a ‘1 hour passport’ photo looks like. I went from sleeping to getting a passport in 60minutes


The two inspirations for this website were two last minute trips I took to London and Mozambique. I literally got my South African passport in one day for the London trip and arrived there in a vest when it was a chilly 1 degree. It was so much fun hopping onto the London underground and picking a random station to jump off and see what was above ground.

On the Mozambique trip I had to deliver a trailer of small boats and was planning to cross the border into Mozambique for a couple hours, drop the boats off and then go back into South Africa. Needless to say there was an issue at the border and ended up having to spend the night in Maputo with valuable cargo, no cell reception and very little money. It was quite an experience. It also happened to be 40+ degree and the humidity was intense.

I decided then and there that I want to write about these spontaneous adventures so that I’ll never forget and hopefully inspire myself and others to do the same.


Who are we? Well, I’m just a regular guy who loves travelling, the outdoors, photography and the ocean.I try to incorporate these things into my life daily and they always put a smile of my face 🙂 I like to live my life as a series of adventures where not even the sky is the limit!

In 2012 Karl ‘Baywatch’ Bergemann joined TGA and has since become my veritable second brain for this site. Karl is a trained academic but actually works full-time as a journo, whose primary focus is the sports world in and around Cape Town. This, he says, has given him quite the insight in writing ‘for the people’ haha… We now partner writing and creating whatever content we can and are both, in our own ways, “Great Adventurers”, who simply want to share our experiences with you, the world!

Happy Reading and Happy Adventures,
Chris & Baywatch

Hellen Keller- “Life is either a great adventure or it is nothing”