How to make Your 9-5 Life an Adventure!


photoYou know how sometimes you get so stuck into something and before you realise it, it’s the end of the day? That’s how my life has been for the last 5 months! Between working, paddling and spending time with my girlfriend/family I’ve had almost zero time to just sit back and take stock of everything. I’m a firm believer that your current state of affairs is completely up to the decisions you make and even though I’m busy I’m loving every minute of it.

I choose to work late or paddle early, surprise my gran with an impromtu visit, go on an awesome roadtrip full of non-stop adventure, write blog posts or even spend time on household chores.

I’ve come to realise that the only way to keep your(my) life adventurous while still thriving in the rat race is to combine everyday activities with awesome ones. Let me show you a few examples of things I’m doing or working on to make life EPIC.

Basic daily activities:
1. Eating
2. Sleeping
3. Commuting
4. Working
5. Exercising


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1. Eating
The key here is to get out of the office. I still struggle with this one a bit as I feel compelled to be at my desk ready to tackle anything or I feel guilty for not being there. Here are my suggestions to turn eating into an art:
Popping out for a coffee rendesvoux – 30mins
Tackle a breakfast special (someones gotta do it!) – 1 hour
Take a spin to a local outdoorsy spot (Mine is usually the bird reserve at Century City) – 45mins
Order takeaway lunch (On Fridays I always have Mzoli’s or Nandos) – 0 minutes! Our driver loves popping by Mzoli’s to grab some chow.



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2. Sleeping
During the week focus on getting the right amount of sleep for you! Some people are fine with 4 hours but for me personally I need a solid 8 hours a night. On the weekends I’m always down for a nap in the hammock or some relaxation on the beach. It’s good to spend some time recharging.


3. Commuting
Cycling to work is amazing. I don’t do it enough but it’s safe to say on average about 20% of my annual commute to work is on a bicycle. Every area has its own nice routes and mine starts off with a 2km stretch along a river, which at this time of the year is packed with pelicans, penguins, spoonbills, heron and even a few kingfishers. Another commuting gem is my pennyboard: It’s a small skateboard which can fit in your bag and is great to hop onto the bus with or to get a lift nearish to your work.
The newest addition to my commuting arsenal is a motorbike! Ha! The feeling of freedom on the bike is amazing and it turns any trip into an adventure.



4. Working
Work proactively, honestly and with purpose. This makes every other moment in your life so much more worthwhile and valuable!




5. Exercise
Exercise outdoors, excercise often and remember that if you are in a position to choose to exercise you’re probably in one of the highest earning percentiles in the world. I choose paddling as my sport and I regularly see dolphins, penguins, seals, birds and the occasional whale and it makes for some adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-manufacturing, smile-inducing kinda fun. I paddle in rivers, canals and the ocean. I also love surfing, swimming & pumping iron (boet!) when life permits.


These ideas aren’t revolutionary but I still see so many people slogging away on a stationary treadmill & sitting in traffic for 1-2 hours a day only to get to work and count down the hours just to make the same dull commute home. Why not spend your evenings with dolphins, cycle on a new route to work, catch a taxi with your skateboard, paddle through the mist with flamingos or meet with some pals for coffee? Why not?


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  1. Xplorato June 13, 2016 at 1:55 pm #

    LOL who would have thought the simplest activities could lead to such adventures. Great list a must try for me now 🙂

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