Urban Trail Sundays in the mother city…

It’s always a treat to get out nice and early in your hometown, surrounded by lumo-clad, like-minded individuals looking for a great way to get some fitness in without getting too extreme on the ‘day of rest’ and that is what Get Outside‘s Urban Trail Sundays are all about – a run through the inner-city and suburban surrounds on a nippy morning, ending off with a cuppa java and a smile.

Hitting the early morning streets is such a treat - a must-do if you ask me... Pic Cred: www.getoutside.co.za

Hitting the early morning streets is such a treat – a must-do if you ask me… Pic Cred: www.getoutside.co.za

I stumbled across this event quite accidentally, scrolling aimlessly on facebook one afternoon, joined the event page, liked the group page and signed up to the race online a few days before slinging on my trainers, not sure what to expect but in for a good time – and of course dragged my fiancé along for it all haha.

Huddling in front of Motherland Coffee Co. for warmth, like a bunch of hamsters ready for our turn on the wheel, all eyes turned to Get Outside’s Sebastian, who took to the podium on St. George’s Mall as if he was about to deliver our battle cry. He explained how we’d follow a short route (5,5km), through the company gardens, up into Gardens proper, then through Tamboerskloof and back into the CBD, all marked out in white chalk and red and white candy-stripe tape. And with that we were off.

Aaaaaand, we're done :)

Aaaaaand, we’re done 🙂

One of my favourite things about this run is that it caters for everyone – it’s tough enough for a short push or you can walk it out if that’s your thing – all to the sights and sounds of the city waking up. It was not too early (8.30am start was ideal) and there are shortcuts marked along the route. In fact, you can create your own shortcuts if you like and are encouraged to make the race your own. Run on the pavement, over cobbles, on grass, up stairs – wherever…

Overall, Urban Trail Sunday was a great little outing in our great city. Definitely looking forward to the next one…

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