Cheeki Rafiki, Let’s Help Save These Guys Lives!

This won’t be a long drawn out article but rather a few facts and some thoughts to ponder as well as info on how you can help! I’m very passionate about sea rescue after 9 years of being a lifeguard and themes such as selflessness or never giving up are common. I’m really struggling to understand why this search has been called off so early.


The yacht Cheeki Rafiki was returning back to the UK from the Caribean when the unthinkable happened, they started taking on water. The plan was to return to the Azores for safety & after the initial contact with the crew was lost, signals were received from their personal safety beacons. The signals most probably coming from the life raft on board, a lift raft that was designed for surviving on the sea.

A search was launced for the missing crew but called off after only 2 days. This seems like an absolute joke to me especially since the crew were an experienced bunch in a raft designed for survival.

There have been incidences where people have survived over a year out at sea & another of a sailor surviving for 5 days in an air pocket under his capsized yacht.

Maersk Kure pic of upturned hull.jpg

A capsized yacht, with it’s keel broken, was spotted by a container ship and I can only imagine that the lift raft wouldn’t have been too far away. The crew probably spotted the ship and it must’ve been heart breaking to see it sail away. I don’t know why they vessel couldn’t have marked the location or tried to stop in the general area until a coast guard plane/helicopter could arrive on scene. I know it’s not easy or cheap to stop a moving ship in the middle of the ocean but they could’ve at least tried something.

To me it seems as the US Coast Guard has simply done a cost vs benefit and realised that they aren’t willing/able to commit the resources needed for this operation for what they might deem slim chances of recovery. It’s a real shame and I reckon with some pressure from the media/ public figures they could resume the search.

The online petition is reaching 160 000 and every vote could end up helping a great deal! If you want to help go the the link by clicking here, fill in the box on the right of the page and click sign.

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