Viva Portugal – This Ocean Basket gets it right!

We don’t usually cover things we deem commercial (in the retail sense, that is) but after Chris and I had some fun at an Ocean Basket that does things a little differently, we thought we’d give it a bash… Tucked neatly into a corner at the Edgemead Village Centre lies Ocean Basket Edgemead and once every two months or so they have a unique celebration of Portuguese flair – flags are out, customers don their Ronaldo playing shirts and Ernesto Latino, a two-piece band with their roots in Brazil, brings the restaurant to life in all things green and maroon – right down to the light bulbs that they change out for the night!

Everything down to the lights sets the mood for Porra eve!

The red and green down lighting sets the mood for Porra eve!

Of course, we have always been a fan of OB’s food – who can rightly resist everything from delicious prawns and crayfish to calamari cooked to perfection and the muscles served in that creamy garlic butter sauce that has made the franchise famous throughout the country? OB Edgemead takes it a little further and brings out their own special platters, starters, sushi, the works – ask the locals, they’ll tell you that the food rivals the best…

Ernesto for the vibe...

Ernesto for the vibe…

On Porra Night you get to sink into more than just lekker seafood though! Ernesto, on his guitar, will ply you into comfort at one moment, then get you clapping the next and by the end of the night you will be jiving out on the little square dance floor in the middle of the restaurant – it’s almost too good to resist! Of course, plying your senses with their tasty sangrias will help get you in the mood that much quicker haha…

Don't forget some wine or Sangria - it's par for the course :D

Don’t forget some wine or Sangria – it’s par for the course 😀

So, like we said, we don’t really do the commercial here at the Great Adventurer, but we do do fun, and we do do celebration – so don your threads in green and maroon and try out something different in celebration of Porra life, whether you have roots there or not.

For more information, call the store on 021 558 0266 or visit their facebook page by clicking here.

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