Most Informative Travel Post Ever

I have about 5 too many SD cards and this might seem like a good idea but it’s not. It all started when I got a gopro a couple years ago. That gopro uses up so much space on my PC and ever since then I’ve been short of gigabyteage (yes that’s a word! but not really). Every now and then my SD cards are jam packed and I need to make space and format one of them. Instead of locking this one in the memory vaults I decided to narrate them into the ‘most informative travel post ever’. enjoy!


I stayed in a house


with a blue dam


then I made friends with an alpaca and some geese.


Not sure how this happened but I ended up in a field in Joburg


& then a big hole??


I jumped off a boat


splashed some seals


then jumped out of a tree


& chilled in a river.


I finally made it home (the ocean)

and drove, swam and kayaked into the sunet

The end 🙂

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I love spontaneous travel, the outdoors, the ocean and having a good time. I want my life to be series of never ending adventure

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  1. Xplorato June 22, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

    Lol clever post hehe i wasn’t expecting that but the narration strategy caught my attention lol

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