Lifes Adventures – Gap Year

shore road


A few years ago I though the idea of a gap year was cool but not really what I’d want to do. Fast forward a year, 3 continents, 5 countries and the best time of my life and you get to present day me.


Somehow I managed to save money, travel and learn some cool things to. Here are a few of the standout memories:


Avoiding thieves in Paris, swimming with dolphins, swimming to keep my job, climbing the Eiffel tower, dodging cars at the infamous 7 lane circle at the arc d triumph, playing volleyball on a sandbar one mile out to sea, cycling to work in shorts and flip flops in rain and 5 degree temperatures, having lunch overlooking Buckingham palace, losing a passport 2 days before leaving the country, performing potential life saving first aid, meeting new friends, being broke and eating only couscous for days, diving for dinner, getting pounded in some hefty shorebreak, winning 400 pounds at the casino, beach bonfires, cycling in the pitch dark with no lights for miles, wild camping in the forest and then running from a suspicious & scary onlooker, getting mild hypothermia on said wild camping trip, trying to communicate with people who don’t understand a word of English & being on the river separating Europe and Asia. bio luminescence on the beach at midnight.


This is basically the reason I started this website, to share some cool stories and to get people to embark on their own adventures. Your adventure doesn’t have to be scaling Everest, you don’t have to paddle across the Atlantic or cycle around the world; just get out of your comfort zone, do what you love and don’t regret it for one second.

About Chris

I love spontaneous travel, the outdoors, the ocean and having a good time. I want my life to be series of never ending adventure

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