The North Korean Threat: A Little Light Humour

The media (in their sweeping, plural form) like to kick up a fret about the dangers of North Korean temperament, and perhaps they’re not wrong. We may be very close to the outbreak of war, then again, we may just be in the throngs of hysteria that has been cultivated over a number of years now regarding the threat of North Korea. Quite simply, us common folk, who are at the whim of media reports, don’t quite know where we stand.

That being said, I thought I’d share a quick snap that a friend of mine, Dieter, sent to me the other day. Dieter is living and teaching in South Korea and on a recent trip away (for a bachelor party of all things – good to see life abroad carries the same twisted themes wherever you are!) and managed to nab this all but flattering photo of an American soldier, clearly feeling a bit under the weather!

'Call of Duty: Korean Downtime' is sure to be a multi-platform hit...

‘Call of Duty: Korean Downtime’ is sure to be a multi-platform hit…

We get to share it here in jest, knowing that a little humour, within a serious backdrop, is somehow good for the soul… Rest easy, as he is doing, knowing that the safety of the world lies in good hands!

P.S. I just love the bottle of (whatever that is) and McDonalds take away and the whole “I’m sleeping in a phone booth” effect… Please note: this post is not meant to mock or offend, I’m sure this soldier puts in the hard grind where necessary, just as all do, we just happened to catch him off-guard…

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