& So It Begins

doha airport

After the hustle & bustle of packing and making last minute arrangements I’ve finally had a chance to relax for a few hours. Right now I’m sitting in the Oryx Lounge in Doha airport, Qatar, enjoying the wifi & food and reflecting on what’s ahead.

There’s no way when I completed my final exams in December that I would’ve imagined myself in this situation. Sure, I wanted to travel the world but I always imagined getting snapped up into a job for a few years and saving furiously before doing any decent travelling.

Now, barely 5 months later and I’m heading to England with no return ticket booked yet. I have a place to stay in London for a couple nights and then I’m heading towards Bournemouth, it’s a frightening and exciting prospect that I will be jumping off the train in Bournemouth with no place to stay! I can already imagine trawling the streets looking for an apartment in the zero degree/ rainy weather.

Anyway, that’s another story. For now I’ll charge up my electronics and get ready for the next flight to London

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