The Next Great Chapter


I’ve finally completed my degree after 4 years and have taken the last few months to just relax and unwind from 16 years of learning (12 school + 4 university). I’ve been working as a lifeguard on Clifton beach in Cape Town as part of my learning detox and have had the most amazing time.

The next step for me is to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling the world! I’m leaving around the 10th April and my first stop is Bournemouth, England. I don’t want to give too much away as I am going to have an official relaunch in 2 weeks from now on the 18th March.

The next chapter of The Great Adventurer is going to be awesome! Follow me on twitter/facebook for updates and prepare for your mind to be blown.


About Chris

I love spontaneous travel, the outdoors, the ocean and having a good time. I want my life to be series of never ending adventure

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