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Russians Illegaly Climb Pyramids & Take Amazing Photos

The Russians are never too far from the action, whether it be meteor showers or crazy dashboard cam footage. This time a group of photographers waited till the pyramids were closed for the day and scaled the huge monuments, before taking some of the most unique pyramid pictures you’ll ever see.

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East Coast Enclave: Paradise Beach, Oyster Bay, St. Francis and good old Jeffrey’s

(Quick note: I actually wrote this last year and just never finished it. Now, seeing as we are coming up on the same period of the year once more, I thought I’d stitch together some scraps from the original draft and this is what I came up with. It really only covers a small piece […]

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Swellendam Backpackers: A gem hidden in a sleepy nook

Every now and then you will come across those skeptical phrases like ‘a stone’s throw away’ or ‘nestled between’ or ‘within walking distance’ and that red light of suspicion fires. Well, that is how it is for me. For that reason, I try to steer clear of such language on the odd chance that I […]

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The Great Adventurer has had an awesome start and now it’s time to take it to the next level. The aim is to build a group of readers who live their life as an adventure. This site is not for the masses, it’s not a big commercial hoo-ha, it’s for those who really enjoy getting […]

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The Next Great Chapter

I’ve finally completed my degree after 4 years and have taken the last few months to just relax and unwind from 16 years of learning (12 school + 4 university). I’ve been working as a lifeguard on Clifton beach in Cape Town as part of my learning detox and have had the most amazing time. […]

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