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A few days of sand, surfing, swimming & chilled music have lead to an epiphany, why am I not doing what I love? I love travelling and even more so I love spontaneous travel. I’ve been to London twice on less than 6 hours from the conception of the idea to on-board the flight and to Mozambique with about a day to prepare.

Langebaan sunset

I have itchy feet and want to head off to London for who knows how long. This time the journey won’t be as hasty as my girlfriend has a few odds and ends to sort out (work/studies) & I also need to hustle some money together. Right now I’m trying to find out how to get a job there and see if I can somehow secure one before we leave, it will make life a lot easier! The nature of the trip will be a working holiday so it won’t be all play and no work but it will still be awesome.

It’s not as easy finding information on this as I’d imagined so when I know more I’ll post an update, for now I’ll have to carry on my affair with the Atlantic ocean, probably with an early surf and maybe even an afternoon kitesurf too!

kiting milnerton 450x338

I dream of a time where I can earn enough money on my websites to live a mobile lifestyle a la Tim Ferriss, snorkeling the Great Barrier reef after a week in Thailand or sitting on a hammock under a palm tree, doing my work for the day. I must say, even the idea of lifeguarding in Cape Town with some niche, auto-pilot, income generating site doesn’t sound too bad

pam tree tropical island

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I love spontaneous travel, the outdoors, the ocean and having a good time. I want my life to be series of never ending adventure
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