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EXTREME Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is the first ocean sport I got into and there really is no feeling like launching up a wave and flying. If only Icarus knew… Anyway here is the most extreme kiteboarding video I’ve ever seen and believe me, you want to see it too. Big ups to Ruben Lenten!

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Spontaneous Life

A few days of sand, surfing, swimming & chilled music have lead to an epiphany, why am I not doing what I love? I love travelling and even more so I love spontaneous travel. I’ve been to London twice on less than 6 hours from the conception of the idea to on-board the flight and […]

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2012 was an awesome year! The blog turned 1, I started surfski paddling, lost a bunch of weight and also finished my bachelors degree. It was an allround win and I feel like I’m hitting 2013 with a bunch of momentum, something which was lacking at the start of 2012. This morning I went for […]

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