Lightning Pics, Baby Seals & Surfski Wipeout

To say I’ve been inactive on for the last while would be an understatement. I’ve been very busy preparing for my final university exams (ever!) so everything else took a back seat. I did however manage to sneak in a few cool photos and videos which I haven’t officially shared on the site.

I also trained at least once a week(usually twice) on the surfski to keep my sanity and one morning I decided to skip the studying and paddle to the harbour wall to check out the baby seals. It was great fun and probably did me more good for my studies than bad.

Another evening I was indoors reading and spotted a flash outside, within 2 seconds I was down at the beach with my tripod and camera ready. I saw where the lightning was striking, positioned my camera and took a few shots. I must be the luckiest amateur photographer in the world because two of the pics were amazing! I didn’t even have to crop them!

Another day I snuck off to the local pond with my family to feed the baby Egyptian Geese, which aren’t really babies anymore! An interesting fact about them is that they pair for life. Now that I have some free time I’ll be looking for adventures, if you have any ideas send me an email on the contact page. Even if you’re just reading this, I would love to hear from you and for you to introduce yourself.

Whoops I almost forgot, I made this 2 minute video during a ‘study break’, enjoy!

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