Exams and Adventure (or lack there of)



The one word that can bring a student to their knees and one of the most boring things a human being can experience. I mean you understand your work and have studied what needs to be studid and then the examiner expects you to regurgitate a word-for-word essay to test if you know your work. It sounds more like a lottery to me.

Sure you get those people that know every single bit of information but those people are usually the ones who lack balance in other aspects of their lives. Sometimes I go into an exam and by chance the last question I studied was asked in the exam and that results in a good mark. Then sometimes you spend hours on certain parts and the examiner asks some little paragraph out of the 400 page textbook and there vanishes 30% of your mark.

I’m luckily reaching the end of the road for my studies and have only 3 more exams until I finish. I can honestly say the things I’ve learned during these exams are:

1. The marginal increase in marks gained by learning lists is greater than that of understanding the work
2. The real lessons you learn in university are those that have absolutely nothing to do with the content you are studying.
3. Exams suck
4. This post is actually me procrastinating.

The end

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