Cape Town HOLI Party Coming Our Way!

Cape Town, get excited!

For anyone who has not heard, the HOLI party, of German and Spanish fame and stemming from the Indian celebration from whence its name is drawn, is set to make an appearance for the first time in Africa in our very city! Sorry for all the exclamations but this is actually something to clamour about.

Cape Town is not new to the outdoor experience and there are a number of festivals that engulf the outdoor partier in the warm summer months, from trance parties and rock festivals to international acts right in the heart of the city, we seem to have it all, and why shouldnt we? Outdoor party-goers revel in the explosion of colour and ambience that enthrall the senses and there are even those among us that enjoy the pure exhiliration of getting into full party mode and letting loose of the traditional garb of the everyday roamer. Whether that means dressing up or getting down and dirty in the mud is all up to the individual.


Colour your world at the Cape Town Holi!

Enter the HOLI party. This is going to be one for the books- a literal explosion of colour! The highlight of the party is the celebration with Indian “Gulal” powders- made from 100% natural ingredients and completely water soluble- in essence paint that will not tarnish the environment. Revellers become swallowed in clouds of colour and get to douse each other in the true spirit of a rainbow nation… all to the sounds of electronic DJs acts, live performances of acrobatics and more…

If you want an idea of what to expect, go have a look at the international website for the German HOLI parties. They share videos and short histories behind the ideas and inspiration of the parties, though be warned that the site is in German, so have fun testing your translation skills or get Google translate to help!

There is also a facebook event page. Details re dates and so forth are still to be confirmed but what we do know thus far is that December is going to be one crazy month! Bring on summer I say and see you all in full colour!


Get excited for the Gulal explosions

by ‘Baywatch’ Bergemann

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Baywatch Bergemann is a wayward, transient academic who would rather spend his time on the beach or on a hillside than in the classroom. We're thankful for that and that he chooses to spread his wisdom here rather than anywhere else.

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