Tourist in my own City #LoveCapeTown

Lately I’ve been chatting to a few friends and we’ve all come to the conclusion that we’ve gotten too used to seeing Cape Town’s iconic landmarks and scenery. A prime example is Table Mountain, it’s awesome and I love it but I just don’t have that same excitement as a tourist seeing it for their first time. This inspired me to try & view Cape Town through the eyes of a tourist and not just drive past everything and take it for granted. This weekend was one of the first in a while where I wasn’t looking at the road map trying to decide where and how far to go, instead I just headed into the heart of the mother city and got my tourist on.

I packed my camera, day pack & trail shoes and was ready to be inspired. I started off at the Milnerton MyCiti bus station and quickly decided that the Gardens Center would be the first destination. After loading some cash onto my MyCiti card it was a quick trip to the Civic Center and then to Gardens. I was very tempted by the sights and smells of the long street restaurants but carried on to Gardens none-the-less. First things first, I had to settle a minor hunger issue, some eggs benedict at a spot called Piccolo Café did the trick nicely, although a bit pricey at R50+.

The SA Museum

From there it was a 5 minute walk through the company gardens to the South African museum. The squirrels and baby geese in the gardens made it a real treat and the SA museum was the cherry on top.

I’ve always loved the mammal and sealife sections of the museum but the Charles Darwin in the Cape exhibit was also really cool. I also got to see a massive megalodon tooth which can be found on the beach 15 meters from my house!

I would really recommened to anyone to have a look through our museums and explore Cape Town. I’ve been the the British natural history museum and I can tell you that our’s is world class! It’s definitely not as big or fancy as the British version but you have the advantage of viewing exhibits that are relevant to Cape Town and South Africa.

After that it was another quick-ish walk back to the Civic Center and then the bus ride home. I got home buggered as we were out for 5.5 hours but it was absolutely awesome. I am already eager for next weekend to try out some more touristy things. I want to visit the slave lodge, planetarium (in the same building as the museum), go on that red topless bus and just enjoy what Cape Town has to offer.

With food, museum entry and bus fare the whole day cost under R100 and I have extra credit on my bus card! That’s less than a meal in many places

I definitely do #LoveCapeTown.

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  1. Karl August 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

    Haha Chrissy, I did pretty much the same thing but in totally different places. Groot Constantia is now also part of Iziko, headed out that way, then over Constantia Nek to Hout Bay, watch this space for a write-up 😉

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