Best Camping & Outdoor iPhone apps 2012

Having cellphones and using apps isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time outdoors, but there is a time & place for everything and these apps are guaranteed to be of use at one stage or another. I have compiled a list of the best outdoor apps and camping apps to ensure that if you ever do need them, you have them! This is my list of the Best Camping & Outdoor iPhone apps 2012 and all the apps are free.


You will probably have this on your iPhone already but if not, then download it immediately!! I use this app all the time because it’s so simple and works every time. You just open the app and click on the switch and the iPhones camera light go’s on. You can also fiddle with settings which change the frequency of the flashing light, it really has a wide range of options. This has to be my favourite and top recommended outdoor iphone app.


If you go on any cool hikes, cycles walks & want to share/brag to your friends and family then this is the app for you. You do need to sign up but once you’ve done that then it’s very easy to use.


Everyone has those camera moments and memories that need to be captured, what better way than instagram? Your pics will be saved in your own personal gallery online & you can also add cool effects & filters to the pictures to add some spice to them. It’s very easy to share your pics on facebook/twitter once you’ve taken them. This one is a must download.


Knots is a free app that shows you step-by-step instructions to over 40 knots. I spent some time testing it & trying the knots and it’s a brilliant app. The instructions are good, the pictures are clear and the knots are worthwhile to know.

Everyday First Aid lite

I tried this app out and it’s very useful. If you’re in a bad situation however I wouldn’t recommend using this app. You should rather seek proper medical help/advice. It does have very helpful tips and could save you a lot of pain by using their suggestions.

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  1. Karl July 24, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    And, of course, the multi-platform app, BeachWatch is very useful as well, you have a link to that at all?

    • Chris July 24, 2012 at 10:50 am #

      Yes you’re right, Beachwatch is a good one. I did a post on Cape Town webcams which could be of great use too, beachwatch is included šŸ™‚ You can find that by clicking here

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