The Aurora Australis is Absolutely Amazing!

One of the top 5 things on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights, I’ve always been so fascinated and amazed by the phenomenon and the moment I get the opportunity, I’ll be there. This video is of the southern version, called the Aurora Australis, and it’s just as amazing.

After seeing this video I did a bit of research of the Aurora Austalis (Southern Lights) & found out that it moves in cycles. As we move towards the peak of the cycle, auroras could occur as often as once a month over the next two to three years (in Tasmania).

Auroras occur when charged particles enter the Earth’s upper atmosphere, in a region known as the auroral oval, sparking the light show about 100 kilometres above the surface.

Here are some pics I compiled to show just how amazing the Aurora Australis is

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