Surfski Quest Update

Unfortunately this update isn’t as grand as I was hoping for when I wrote the first post exactly four weeks ago. It started off great but then all of a sudden, the weather in Cape Town turned for the worse and the seas became MASSIVE. There was a period of almost 2 weeks where every single day the waves where over 4m and when the swell finally calmed down, the North West wind whipped up massive wind chop. There where a few good days in between though, luckily!

Lagoon Paddle of Doom, my poor rudder!

I took my ski to the lagoon (which is about a 150m walk from where my surfski is stored) on one of the days in an attempt to get away from the big seas and it backfired badly! The water was so damn shallow and there where also randomly scattered rocks, impossible to see and even more impossible to avoid when you’re heading straight for them.

Paddle to & through the shipwreck in Tableview ( The Seli 1)

Excuses aside, there’s 5 months till the big race and it’s drawing eerily close! The way I’m judging my progress is through the average speed & average heart rate of my sessions. I’m hovering around 9km/h mark and my first goal is to get that up to 10km/h with a mixture of training hard & losing some weight.

One super awesome bit of news is that I won roofracks from the Paddle 365 magazine for my bakkie!!! When they arrive I’ll finally be mobile and won’t be stuck at the sea when the weather is bad. I’ll do another update in 4 weeks again and hopefully this time it’ll be a much better one. Wish me luck! Chris

Surfski Patterns

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