Baran’s: A gem in the Mother City’s centre

by ‘Baywatch Bergemann’

Last week I was ambling through the streets of the fairest Mother City after taking in a good film at the Nouveau. As so often happens on these strolls, discoveries of little pearls like theatres and restaurants or other spots of interest previously unconsidered happen quite by accident rather than through some grand design. This is exactly what happened, to my delight, in the discovery of Baran’s, a kurdish restaurant in the heart of Cape Town.

Stumbling along somewhat aimlessly I found myself on Greenmarket Square, where the balcony signage of the restaurant caught my eye.  The words “Theatre”,  “Restaurant” and “Shisha Lounge” all played their part in drawing me near. As I approached, a waitress came up to me outside with a menu in her hand, asking if I’d like to take a peak. I didn’t need to. At that point, intrigue moreso than hunger, had already made my mind up for me.

I didn’t know what to expect really, and I wasn’t sure what food my now hungry mind was in search of. Fortunately Baran’s has a host of dishes to suit every taste, with a Mediterranean touch. This is offset by incredible decor and the chance to eat whilst seated on the floor on Persian pillows, with your food served on tables no higher than the coffee table in one’s lounge, should one so choose of course. I ordered the Tigris Chicken, an authentic dish with sweet and sour hints and sided with a generous salad and roast vegetables. A definite must-try is the restaurant’s Pide Pizzas at between R35 and R50! The lamb, feta and spinach kurdish pizza is a definite treat and filling to boot. We topped our meals off with homemade Baklava and a Sutlach (rice pudding) dish at R25 each, a winner in any book…

I contacted the owner of Baran’s, Mr Kalay, who informed me that the restaurant has been in operation since 2004, taking his first name, Baran (which is kurdish for ‘rain’), as its appellation. It is the sister restaurant to the perhaps more well-known (due to its being on Long street one presumes) Mesopotamia, another Kurdish jewel. Baran’s has local and international staff in its employ, adding to the flavour and they have shows at the end of the month as well as belly dancing, also available on request.

I recommend popping in for a bite to eat, or contact the restaurant through their website, linked above, to check what events are happening soon.

Happy eating!!

Belly dancing at Baran’s, a fun treat for everyone to enjoy!

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Baywatch Bergemann is a wayward, transient academic who would rather spend his time on the beach or on a hillside than in the classroom. We're thankful for that and that he chooses to spread his wisdom here rather than anywhere else.

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