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Currencies as the World Map

Have you ever wanted a map with each country being represent by their currency? Well probably not, but how awesome is this anyway!? We’re represented by our R20 note with an elephant but it’s remarkable how many countries have political figures on their currency. Someone like Gandhi is understandable because he is a timeless figure […]

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Highs & Lows

I, like many of you, am still gutted at the result of this weekends Super15 semi-final. The game was seen by us (Stormers fans) as a chance to finally get into a final and whack the Chiefs at home. But that isn’t sport, sport has it’s own rules, rules that seem to defy logic and […]

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Shark Cage Diving Hotspots of the World [Infographic]

I am so happy to post a locally made, South African, infographic. This one covers the great white shark hotspots of the world and on top of that you can win a cool prize too. Go to the bottom of the infographic to enter the competition. (Click on the image for a larger version if […]

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5 Reasons why the Stormers will Dominate the Sharks

Ok, I admit I have never tipped the Stormers to lose so my opinion might be warped. However I do think these 5 reasons are valid and that we will win this one. Home ground advantage The Sharks have had a gruelling travel schedule The Stormers have the defense that wins championships The Stormers will […]

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Gunther Holtorf’s Inspirational 23-year Road Trip

This has to be my favourite story I’ve ever shared on the blog. This man is a true inspiration and adventurer like I have never seen before. Not a single sponsor sticker on his car, no digital cameras, no winches, just a man with a dream and the heart to pursue it. This video captures […]

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Plight of the Big Cats: Wildlife Treasures On the Verge of Collapse

With all the huplah surrounding conservation at the moment, especially with the plight of the rhino coming under the mass social hysteria microscope there is little wonder why other conservation threats are barely even heard of. I am not against the mass rallying for the cause of the rhino. However, when serious conservation issues turn […]

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Best Camping & Outdoor iPhone apps 2012

Having cellphones and using apps isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time outdoors, but there is a time & place for everything and these apps are guaranteed to be of use at one stage or another. I have compiled a list of the best outdoor apps and camping apps to ensure that if you ever […]

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Saffa Sporting Domination in Pictures

South Africans have absolutely dominated the worlds sporting stage this weekend. Sport is such a great leveler, where else can a developing country like ours anhilate the worlds best for the rest of the world to see. Graeme Smith: 100 in 100th test Jacque Kallis: Dedicated his century to injured wicket keeper, Mark Boucher Hashim […]

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‘My Gym’ Awesome Wallpaper

There was quite a positive response to the ‘4 reasons to exercise outdoors‘ post so it’s my obligation to share this wallpaper. You’ll love it, especially the runners who follow the blog. If you have any awesome pics of you or someone exercising outdoors, send it through & I’ll make a featured wallpaper out of […]

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Madiba’s legacy more than one day of charity

I’m paraphrasing Morgan Freeman where he said in a radio interview last week that “Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest men the human race has ever known” . As South Africans this statement seems almost matter-of-fact. Of course Madiba, everyone’s favourite ‘Tata’, is a great man – it’s just satisfying to know that his appeal spreads across […]

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