$445,018 Raised in 1 Day for Vacation of Bullied Bus Monitor

This story is about a bus monitor, Karen, who was taunted/bullied by school children daily while doing her job. Someone decided to post a video, which is horrific, and then some LEGEND named Max S decided to host an online fundraiser to send her on vacation. His reasoning is that for $15’000 a year this lady deserves much better and can probably not afford it herself. The initial goal was for $5000 but the fund has almost raised 10x as much!

About 1-2 days later and $445,018 has been raised sofar and it is growing exponentially. She is going to go on the most awesome vacation in history which could probably last for years and then retire. This has to be one of the most amazing viral stories I have ever read. Big ups to Max and I am really excited for Karen.

To donate or to see how much has been raised go here

Here is the original video of the school children harrassing her:

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