Shark Attacks Surfski

Here is the latest update on the shark attack incident in Western Australia. It’s quite scary to think a shark will attack a 6m+ surfski. This has happened before at Fish Hoek but luckily it was an isolated incident and doesn’t seem to be an ongoing problem.

I’m just glad this guy made it out safe and I really commend his fellow paddlers on helping him out and not bolting straight to the beach. Staying calm and sticking together seems to be the best option 9/10 times.

A surf ski-paddler who was attacked by a 3m shark this morning said the impact was like an explosion and he believed he was going to die.

Mullaloo Surf Club member Martin Kane, was paddling with four others about 150m offshore at about 7:15am when the shark rammed the back of his ski and knocked him into the water.

The 62-year-old grandfather said he was admiring a pod of dolphins before the shark struck with a noise he compared to a car crash.

He has told how his thoughts quickly changed to being in the water, swimming for safety and thinking “this is the end”.

Mr Kane said he saw a giant grey shape and a tail thrashing around and impulsively threw his paddle at the figure.

“I saw it swimming around me and I thought, time to get outta here,” he said.

“I threw my paddle at it and started swimming away… I thought I was gone, I’m dead.

“I thought there is no way I am going to make it to the beach with a shark that size after me.”

A fellow paddler then put his ski between Mr Kane and the shark, allowing him grab on to the back of the ski before the group paddled into safety.

Mr Kane commended the efforts of his fellow life-savers who came to his rescue.

“Next thing I know one of the guys came along and said, get on board matey, we’re going to the beach,” he said.

Mr Kane said his four accompanying surf ski paddlers then paddled him in together.

Mr Kane said he believed the shark had got its teeth stuck in his ski which could have save his life.

Mr Kane initially thought he had been hit by a jet ski and believed the shark was 3m to 3.5m but did not know what type it was.

Unforunately I am not 100% sure of the source of the quoted section of this article as found it on a forum

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  1. Rob Mousley June 20, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    There have been a number of incidents involving sharks and surskis actually… Here’s some info about some of them…

    • Chris June 20, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

      Thanks Rob! That is a very comprehensive article, I had previously only ever heard of the Lyle Maasdorp incident.

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