The Winter Solstice Approaches

The winter solstice is the solstice that occurs in winter. It is the time at which the Sun is appearing at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon.[2]

In the Northern Hemisphere this is the Southern solstice, the time at which the Sun is at its southernmost point in the sky, which usually occurs on December 21 to 22 each year.[3]

In the Southern Hemisphere this is the Northern solstice, the time at which the Sun is at its northernmost point in the sky, which usually occurs on June 20 to 21 each year.[4]

The Winter solstice will be the shortest day of the year (sunlight wise) and it marks the middle of winter. It will happen on the 20th June and is difficult to believe that Summer is almost on it’s way.

The sun will rise and set at 07:51 & 17:45 which means the sunlight for the day will be 9h 53m 35s. Considering an average working day of 9-5 and 30 minutes of traffic to work and 30 back. It means you will only see the sun for 53 minutes.

This Winter has been rather dissapointing rain & snow wise, the dam levels have barely increased and there have only been 2 occasions where there has been half-way decent snow in Ceres.

I know that there is still plenty of time but we really need some proper rains in the next 3 months to positively affect the dam levels or we will be facing some serious water restrictions in the next few years.

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