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The Impi Challenge is really one of the most fun adventures you could ever do. I personally am not a big fan of running but the impi challenge is one event I will never miss out on. The first time I did it in 2010 I did the original Impi Challenge and then in 2011 I tried the elite and even though it was really tough, I loved every second of it!

In case you are wondering, the original Impi Challenge is an obstacle/trail race which spans over 12km and is set in the Wiesenhof nature reserve, there are 17 obstacles which vary from jumping over poles, climbing and crawling in the mud.

The Impi Elite is the timed highly competitive version of the Impi Challenge and the distance varies a bit. Last year the course was estimated at 18km but because of some idiotic children changing the route markers a few of us got lost and ended up running about 1.5-2km extra. I hope they sort that out this year as it was a real morale crusher fairly early in the race.

I am coming back this year with a vengeance and even though I am far from the main okes pace I do it as a personal challenge, to be an Impi Elite! There is something so great about the “challenge” aspect of it and it keeps me coming back for more.

The reason this post is so early, even though the event is in October is because the tickets usually sell out in a day or two if you are lucky! I suggest if you want to get in on the action that you sign up to the mailing list and follow them on facebook and the second you hear about it just enter, if you hesitate it will be too late. The elite race last year costed R500 and the original impi about R250. The R500 came with an awesome Impi Challenge hoodie by New Balance so it is very worth it. I am not sure of the exact cost structure for this year, we will have to wait and see

Their website is over here if you would like any more info!

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