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Winter is here

I think it is safe to say that Winter has officially arrived in Cape Town. With almost no South Easter last week and rain forecast for the upcoming week the Cape is getting some much needed rain. I just hope that the dam levels improve this year as they have been consistenly low for the […]

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Billabong’s Code Red the Movie at MASSIVE Teahupoo

Last year during the Billabong Pro at Teahupoo there was some absolutely massive swell that forced the contest directors to delay the competition until it calmed down. Since then we have seen the photos and videos of “that” day and they have never stopped amazing. A code red basically means that noone is allowed to […]

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Old Pictures of Cape Town

Cape Town really has a fascinating history filled with massive growth, British colonisation, Apartheid and copius amounts of ship wrecks. Here are a few pics with the first argus cycle tour in 1978, a shipwreck in 1905, Newlands in 1974 & the last picture shows the marks on Table Mountain created by the construction of […]

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Cape Town in 60 seconds [video]

We all love Cape Town as it has so much to offer. Here is a quick 60 second video I stumbled upon showing the most popular of these, enjoy! I have been wanting to do something similar but I don’t have an appropriate camera(yet).

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6 Reasons why WP rugby HAS to move to the Cape Town Stadium

1. Dedicated parking. the scrap at Newlands results in either driving up & down side streets or paying 20 bucks for a decent spot 2. Public Transport. I stay in Milnerton and from leaving my house (on foot) to being seated in the stadium to watch the Cold Play concert it took exactly 1 hour, […]

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100 Years of shark attacks [image]

Here is a really interesting graphic from national post that you have to check out. The rise in shark attacks are not only because of increasing population but also because of better record keeping of shark attack victims. My personal viewpoint is that we are entering into the sharks habitat when we swim/surf/etc. and sharks […]

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