Malamoo 3 Second Tent

I heard about this tent a while ago and always thought of it as a gimmick but after seeing it in action I was quite impressed and I think I need to give this tent a second chance. It’s not the best tent out there for longer camping trips but if you are looking for something quick and easy then nothing beats the malamoo 3 second tent!

The first time you try to pack the tent away could be quite difficult but once you get the hang of it it really is amazingly quick. Below I have attached a video so you can get an idea of how it pops up.

Some Pros & Cons are:


Quick to set up and take down
Dual Skin


Thin ground sheet
The size once it’s packed is quite wide and can be a hassle to pack

Before buying a tent you should take into consideration where and how often you will be using it. If you find that you often sneak away for a night then I would consider this tent but if you plan to camp more frequently or for longer periods then there are quite a few other tents that are cheaper and will suit your needs better.

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