Camping in Robertson

This has to be one of my favourite camping spots I’ve ever been to! In Robertson you can camp basically on the Breede River and the scene you wake up to is second to none. Another major plus is that the river offers so much in the form of swimming, fishing, canoeing, boating and exploring.

There are a few campsites you can choose from in Robertson. These are Skurwekop, Rivierzicht and Silwerstrand camping sites. Skurwekop offers the best facilities but the sites are cramped, much more expensive and it can get crowded. Rivierzicht doesn’t offer a pool like Skurwekop and the ablutions are smaller but there is much more space. I didn’t get a chance to check out Silwerstrand because it has a strict policy of “no camping without a booking” and no day visitors. (ed’s note (Baywatch): Silwerstrand is great – they have a giant pool and great, grassy and shaded camping sites at decent rates plus watersports such as skiing and more, oh, and an awesome foofy slide right into the river!)

We chose Rivierzicht and in hindsight it was a great choice. There’s nothing that I hate more when camping than feeling cramped and Rivierzicht offered lots of space. The ablutions, although small, did the job with no hassle and each site had its own dedicated braai spot, tap with basin and a bin. There is also a spot about a 100m away which sells wood and ice and because it’s self service, you can use it 24/7!

The major things to do in and about Robertson which I suggest are:

  • Check out the Donkey Sanctuary which is about 17km out of town, they house previously abused and neglected donkeys and there is also a restaurant next door.
  • Skydiving
  • Birds Paradise which houses not only birds but also porcupines, buck, goats, tortoises, monkeys, a crocodile, rabbits, meerkat, sheep and a few others.
  • If you are a wine fan then there are countless wine tasting spots. (ed’s note (Baywatch): Robertson is also home to Klipdrift Brandy cellars and they do tours!!)
  • Rent a canoe and canoe down the Breede River (I know Rivierzicht offer this service)

The trip to Robertson is +-135km and should take 1h45mins. The route is very simple, you take the N1 to Worcester and then take the R60 from Worcestor to Robertson. 5km before you hit Robertson you will see signage to the Rivierzicht & Skurwekop campsites.

Some useful prices are:

  • Rivierzicht camping: 70pp/night
  • Rivierzicht canoe rental: single canoe 50/day and double R100/day
  • Donkey Sanctuary: No set charge because they work on donations. Make sure that you make a donation!!!
  • Birds Paradise: R35pp
  • Skydiving prices vary depending on requirements and experience and they can be found here
  • The Huguenot Tunnel Toll: R26 per car

All in all this is a camping trip I seriously recommend and am definitely going to be returning. I was pleasantly suprised the whole trip and came back fully relaxed and with a camera full of good memories!

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