The Company’s Garden

The company’s garden in Cape Town has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. I took a trip there for the first time in ages and was thoroughly impressed! In case you where wondering why the garden is there in the first place, here’s an excerpt from City of Cape Town website:

The garden was formally established in 1652 by Dutch settlers who sought to establish a victualling station to service and re-provision spice-trading sailing ships on the long sea route to the east. It was superimposed on a landscape that was occupied occasionally by indigenous hunter gatherers and modified by pastoralists who used the area in the standard migratory agricultural pattern of the time. This halfway-house was the foundation stone of the Western colonisation of southern Africa.

My favourite parts where the rose garden and the old tree’s but everything was enjoyable. Here are some of the major attractions:

The oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa (circa 1652)
A rose garden designed and built in 1929
A well stocked fish pond
Dellville Wood Memorial Garden, which commemorates the World War 1 battle at Delville Wood in France, in which a predominantly SA force of more than 3 000 soldiers was reduced to 755 survivors by German forces
An aviary – a great favourite with children
Restaurant – the Garden Tea Room – a Capetonian favourite!
Botanically and historically valuable trees
Local arts and crafts along the avenue
Grassy lawns and benches
A herb and succulent garden
Historic statues

Add this to your to-do list right now! The entrance is free and its open from 07:00-19:00 in summer and from 07:00–18:00 in winter.

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