Klondyke Cherry Farm

Klondyke Cherry Farm is located just outside of Ceres,1200m above sea level, and at times in winter it snows here, but that’s another story. At this time of the year the cherry orchids are beaminig with cherries waiting to be picked and anyone can do it. You pay a measly R15 per person for entrance and then inside the farm there are picnic tables, braai’s and loads of cherry tree’s. There is food that you can buy at Klondyke or if you feel like it there is a SPAR in Ceres where you can buy rolls, ham or anything else you might want for a quick lunch.

When you enter you will receive plastic tubs to put your picked cherries in at the cost of R45 per kg. It’s great fun getting the farms ladders out and climbing up to the untouched cherries or even picking them at ground level. Try venture a bit further into the orchid than just the front tree’s and you will be rewarded with many prime cherries.

The trip is about 160km and here are the directions from Cape Town on the N1:

Travel through the Huguenot tunnel and just before Worcester, turn left onto the R43 to Ceres.
The R43 joins the R46 at Michells Pass. Drive straight through Ceres, and after 12km turn right onto the Bo-Swaarmoed Pass road.
Travel a further 18km until you come to our line of pine trees.
Klondyke Cherry Farm is on the right hand side.

If you want a bit of a detour you could go over the pass instead of through the Hugenout Tunnel, there are great views of Paarl and Cape Town and it also saves you a bit of money, bypassing the toll gate. Klondyke cherry farm is a must on any Cape Townians bucket list and is definitely worth the drive!


Klondyke cherry farm have a website and you can contact them on 023-312 1521

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