Camping Knots

There are so many knots out there and it can often get confusing looking at all the knots and deciding which ones to use. I will show you three knots which are brilliant for camping and general use and with these you will be able to sort most problems out. With these in the bag you will not be embarrassed next time you are asked to tie something.

The first knot is the Bowline knot and it’s a great allround knot. The only disadvantage being that the knot must stay under tension otherwise it loosens itself. You will find that most of the time when you tie knots while camping you will have tension, so this is a great one to learn! The major advantage is that no matter how tight the rope is it’s always easy to release the knot. It’s great for hammocks, attaching lines to a post and any other use which puts tension in the rope and on the knot.

This second knot is great for general household use, its probably the most simple one you can learn because you will already know it! Just don’t use this for critical loads or anything super heavy as it’s not meant for that. Everytime you tie your shoe’s you tie this knot, check it out below

The final knot is the tautline hitch. It is very similar to the bowling except you can adjust the size of the loop, which can come in very useful when camping.

The thing about knots is that there are so many of them for so many different purposes and it would be impractical to list all of them. These should be sufficient but if you are looking for more knots then I suggest you have a look at animated knots

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