Today I would really like to thank each and every one of you who have read anything on the blog, followed on twitter/facebook & who have commented on something. It is really a great feeling seeing readers enjoy posts and even sharing some of them with your friends.

The response so far has been much better than I could have expected. One of the major goals of this blog is to try and get people outdoors, enjoying what our city and country has to offer and in fact it has meant that I am getting outdoors much more than I usually did, which is awesome! For example, this festive season has many more trips planned than usual and I am so excited for all of them.

I would really like to start running some competitions to give something back to you, the readers, and that is one of my upcoming goals.

I also have quite a list of topics I want to write about, here are a few of them just to get an idea:

  • Finish the Camping Guru series, if you are unsure what that is then check it out
  • Hiking Lions head, Table Mountain and a few more
  • Intaka Bird Island
  • Reviews of all the campsites and areas I will be visiting
  • Secret Spots in and around Cape Town šŸ˜‰
  • Kitesurfing to Robben Island
  • Braaiing around Cape Town
  • Cool put-put courses
  • Yzerfontein Lion Park
  • Surfing and surfski

I am going to end off with a last thank you to everyone and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

About Chris

I love spontaneous travel, the outdoors, the ocean and having a good time. I want my life to be series of never ending adventure


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