Abseiling Table Mountain

Before I did this I had never realised how much of a thrill abseiling could be. Like most things, the magnitude of what you’re about to do does not sink in until you are standing right there, ready to go!

I got given this as a birthday present by my girlfriend and even though it doesn’t last very long I can say its one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten!

Firstly you have to make your way up the cable car or hike up, but I would suggest going the cable car route because you don’t want to be exhausted by the time you reach the top. Once you are at the top you meet up with the crew who give you a quick briefing, put your harness on and hook you up to the ropes.

At this stage you realise that the vertical wall you are about to descend is not a walk in the park. That first step over the edge really gets the heart pumping and before you know it you’re bouncing down Table Mountain. After a few meters you get the “hang” of it and can spend a few seconds marvelling at the view of Lions Head and Camps Bay.

A fair bit of the way down you are in for a surprise when the wall falls away and you are dangling without anything besides you. I got the fright of my life but looking back that was one of the most enjoyable parts.

Abseiling Table Mountain is fairly expensive but its something you have to experience. It is your duty as a South African citizen so you better make a plan!

You can contact Abseil Africa to do it and the price is R595 which excludes the trip on the cable car which will cost another R195, if you buy your tickets online it costs R175. Make sure you take a camera along as the crew are always willing to snap some shots of you hanging over the edge!

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