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New Years 2011/2012 – Cape Town

I think most of us are in the same boat here, we want to do something epic, but we don’t know what to do. Every year the same problem seems to persist so I am going to take the Liberty of listing some of the events I want to go to and hopefully this will […]

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Modern Christmas Songs

Yesterday I was flicking through the radio stations and was plesantly suprised when “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” by Jack Johnson came on. This got me thinking what other modern Christmas songs are there that I had missed over the last few years. Here are my favourite ones that I found, I hope you enjoy […]

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Surfer Magazine’s Photo of the Year

There have been some mind blowing sessions this year and photo’s that are equally impressive, here are a handful of my favourite ones. The one that stands out for me would have to be Nathan Fletcher at Teahupoo! Check out this link for the remaining 19 shots and make sure to vote for your favourite […]

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The Company’s Garden

The company’s garden in Cape Town has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. I took a trip there for the first time in ages and was thoroughly impressed! In case you where wondering why the garden is there in the first place, here’s an excerpt from City of Cape Town website: […]

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Bothasig Christmas Lights

A few streets in Bothasig are nationally known because of their extravagant christmas lights, every year they seem to pop up on the news or in the newspaper and if you live anywhere in the Western Cape it is a must see! The street with the most lights are Klepper, Cornelius and Potsdam, but you […]

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Klondyke Cherry Farm

Klondyke Cherry Farm is located just outside of Ceres,1200m above sea level, and at times in winter it snows here, but that’s another story. At this time of the year the cherry orchids are beaminig with cherries waiting to be picked and anyone can do it. You pay a measly R15 per person for entrance […]

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Braaiday – (Rebecca Black “Friday” Parody)

A while back there was a song released by Rebecca Black called “Friday” and it was possibly one of the worst songs ever! During all the hype I don’t know how I missed this South African parody of the song. Have a lekker weekend and don’t forgot that Friday is Braaiday!

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Killer Bee’s vs Killer Cheese!

I am really a fan of infographics so when I saw this I definitely wanted to share it with you. It’s interesting to note that lawnmowers kill more people than polar bears, scorpions, wolves, mountain lions, black bears, alligators, snakes, scorpions and spiders combined! The infographic was created by Eastern Mountain Sports

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Camping Knots

There are so many knots out there and it can often get confusing looking at all the knots and deciding which ones to use. I will show you three knots which are brilliant for camping and general use and with these you will be able to sort most problems out. With these in the bag […]

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Edgemead Christmas Market

Every year as the festive seasons begins, some events kick into gear. One of these events being the Edgemead Christmas Market. The Edgemead Christmas Market runs from Friday 9 December until 22 December and is an annual event. It opens at 10am and runs until 8pm, is also open on Sunday and entry is free […]

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