Boating in Cape Town

Cape Town has an abundance of unique animals and birdlife in the sea and you are usually guaranteed of spotting a few of these at any given time. The best of these are: seals, penguins, dolphins and whales. Boating in Cape Town is a really rewarding experience and is great fun.

When thinking of boating in Cape Town you really have so many different options but I will show you my two favourite routes which are the most rewarding with regards to sightings.

Cape Town offers a choice of a few slipways to launch your boat, near the city you have Oceana Powerboat Club and then further away are Hout Bay harbour, False Bay Yacht Club and Millers Point. I usually launch at Oceana because its close to where I stay, but no matter where you launch you will never be too far from action.

On a typical Boating trip in Cape Town you could either head towards the Table-View area or towards Hout Bay.They both have their own Shipwrecks, Islands and great beaches.

Heading towards Table-View you will come across the Seli 1 shipwreck which has recently broken into 3 pieces and on your return trip, going past Robben Island is always a good idea. The Hout Bay Route passes the Bos 400 wreck and Seal Island near the Hout Bay Harbour. Most of the time you will either see whales or dolphins and if you’re lucky, both. If you are doing the Hout Bay route you should always check swell forecasts because when there is huge swell, the Sentinel in Hout Bay turns into one of the worlds premier big wave surf spots, named Dungeons, and you don’t want to be anywhere near here!

A fun detour before you take the boat out the water is to cruise through the Waterfront and check out the seals lazily relaxing on the jettys & to look at all luxury boats docked nexto the Cape Grace hotel. A little bit outside the entrance of the Harbour is a Red Buoy which always has smaller seals stacked up fighting for a spot in the sun and is the perfect spot to snap up a postcard picture of Table Mountain. Luckily the big seals can’t fit on this buoy so all the smaller seals in the area come and relax here.

If you don’t have your own boat that doesn’t mean you can’t go out for a day of fun, there are plenty of boat cruises in the waterfront to suite every need from high speed adventure to relaxed sunset cruises.

I really encourage you to get out on the sea for a day to get a whole new perspective of the Mother City.

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