5 Things to do when the South Easter is howling

In Cape Town for half of the year we have to contend with howling South Easter’s & for most the most part this keeps people inside and away from enjoying the great sunny weather that usually accompanies the SE. I will show you 5 awesome things to do that will make you froth at the mouth the next time you see that the SE has been forecasted.

• Kitesurfing
• Hit the Beach
• Downwind paddling
• Windsurfing
• Fly a kite

1. Kitesurfing– This is the more adrenaline fuelled version of ordinary kite flying and is great fun. On top of that Cape Town is one of the best Kitesurfing spots in the world & probably the best one to learn in. There are quite a few different Kitesurfing schools around & the only one I have tried is the Cabrinha Kitesurfing school which you can find here. You pay R1495 for a day course which is offered in Langebaan Lagoon and by the end of the day you are usually guaranteed of standing upright on your board.

2. Hit the Beach (Clifton) – We are very lucky in Cape Town because we have Table Mountain which provides some shelter from the wind for a small part of our coastline. While most of Cape Town will be completely blown out from the South Easter, Clifton is usually wind free. Clifton is made up for 4 beaches (1st,2nd, 3rd & 4th beach) with 4th beach being the most popular and probably the one you will want to go to (4th beach is the first spot you land on when you walk down the stairs the beach). Another great plus for Clifton is that after you are done on the beach you can go the La Med for some sundowners.

3. Downwind Paddling (Surfski or Stand-Up Paddleboarding)– Usually the worst paddling experience you could image would be fighting with the wind just to stay in a straight line but for the majority of surfskiers/SUP’s today, downwind paddling has become the holy grail. Instead of struggling with the wind the idea is to get someone to drop you off at an upwind spot and catch wind swells (or runs) that go in the direction of the prevailing wind. It can get really dangerous if you are not an experienced paddler so I suggest trying it out at the Surfski School run by Dawid Mocke in Fish Hoek first. There are various courses available depending on your paddling ability and they can be found here. There is also a weekly downwind dash from Milnerton to Big Bay every Wednesday and if you would like to get involved then read this
Downwind Dash

4. Windsurfing– Windsurfing vs Kiteboarding is as pointless a debate as bodyboarding vs surfing, PS3 vs XBOX or mac vs PC. It depends on YOU and each person has their own opinion as to which one they prefer. I can tell you there have been many days when the wind is too strong to kitesurf & I sit there and envy the windsurfers who so effortlessly cruise along. You can go here for more information of lessons.

5. Fly a Kite– This is the  simple one, you don’t really need anything expensive to get out and enjoy it. I once heard the comment “since when did flying a kite become such a bad thing?” Maybe next time someone tells you to go fly a kite you should seriously consider it!


I hope that when you look at the weather forecast next time and see nonstop wind that it gets you excited to go out and enjoy our summer weather the way you are supposed to!

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  1. Rob November 25, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    And to show just how much fun downwind surfski paddling can be…


  2. Chris November 25, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    Thanks for sharing Rob, looks like a jol!

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