Two Passions PhotoWalk at Kalk Bay Harbour

This weekend there is going to be a photowalk hosted by Stephen from StephenC Photography which is open to photographers of all levels. It’s a great way of snapping pics and learning from each other at the same time. A photowalk basically consists of a group of people of all levels of experience snapping pics along the walk and at the same time learning & socialising with others.

The best part of this is that it is 100% free, all you need is a DSLR camera, passion, enthusiasm and a will to learn or to teach others & you are ready to go! The photowalk is at Kalk Bay Harbour on Saturday the 26 November from 7am-9am.

I would also like to share this information about Stephen & his photography to get a better idea of who he is and what he does.

I grew up in Kalk Bay and spent about 30 years living there, in the same flat! I grew up kneeboarding the Reef (went on to win SA Champs and captain the Springbok Kneeboard team to Oz – that’s another story though) and generally spent most waking hours either on the beach or up the mountain or just running amok through the cobbled streets. It was absolute bliss growing up there, the pool and the sea as our front garden and the mountain as our back garden. Hence Passion #1.

I took up photography many years ago and bought my first SLR way back in 1984. Photography has always been with me and I found out some years back that my Grandfather (who I never met as he died when my Dad was only 3) was one of the first pro photographers in Cape Town around 1900. I have been pro for 11 years now and just love making images . Hence Passion #2.

I started these workshops last year at the harbour. At that stage I was charging a nominal fee and limiting the numbers to 10 people. The energy for me around these paid sessions didn’t feel right though and so I stalled the workshops for a while. Recently I read about PhotoWalks happening in other places around the world and hooked on this idea for my Two Passions. The response has been awesome and I have already secured some paying gigs from participants. So I’m looking at Two Passions as being my way of advertising/branding who I am, and just getting people together who have the same interest in photography. The energy around it is great and I feel really excited about meeting everyone on Saturday. I have about 30 enthusiasts who have confirmed so far.

The idea for participants is to enjoy making some images while networking with other enthusiasts. I look forward to passing on some tips and tricks to others and at the same time I’ll enjoy learning from others. I’m looking at securing some prizes for future events. The idea then is to share the pics on FaceBook, or Google+ and for a judge then award the prize to the participant with the most appealing photos. (know anyone who wants to donate a prize?) The session is available to anyone with a DSLR camera no matter what the experience or level of photography – it is just for the love of it.

To book your spot you can email Stephen(at)stephenc dot coza or for more information and you can join his facebook page below

You can also follow him on twitter @stephencphotog & make sure to have a look at his website at

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