Camping on a budget

I used to be under the impression that going camping was an expensive ordeal but after a few trips and the cutting down of unnecessary costs I can safely say it can be cheaper then a night out on the town! Here are a few tips I’ve learned:

1.) Camp with friends– Petrol and campsite prices are one of the major costs of any trip and by going as a group of four instead of two you can cut these costs in half!

2.) Make your food before you go– Stopping at a garage along the way can really make the drive expensive. Just think that a coke, chips and some biltong can cost about R50 and that’s not even taking into consideration stopping at a Wimpy or Steers which could cost a further R50 per person. Multiply this by 2 for your trip there and back and you are just wasting money. A few packed sandwiches will hit the spot and save the wallet at the same time.

3.)Go out of season– Out of the peak season the rates are much cheaper & if you go in spring or autumn then the weather is just as nice as summer & you have the added bonus of spring flowers & good waves.

4.)Enjoy the free things– For example: walking, cycling, swimming, going to the beach & surfing. These are often the backbone of any good holiday so why not take advantage of them?

5.) Drive carefully– This doesn’t mean you need to drive at 80km/h but rather choose a consistent speed that won’t get you any speeding fines and make sure you’re not driving in peak traffic periods because the speeding up/slowing down and overtaking can really increase your consumption.

With these tips in mind you could be camping much more often without burning a hole in your wallet, extra trips beat Wimpy and speeding fines every time!

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