The Pipe Track

Duration: 3 Hours for the full route

The Pipe Track is one of the most popular walks in Cape Town for so many reasons, mainly because of the brilliant views of the Atlantic seaboard & the fact that it doesn’t involve much climbing. To get there you need to drive up Kloof Nek and take the turnoff onto Tafelberg road (the road which goes to the cable car) & Immediately to the left there is a parking lot and you must park here.There is also a toilet here if needed.

Once you have parked you need to walk across the road towards the waterworks cottage and then you will find the start of the stairs.  You can go all the way to the end of the Pipe Track to the Slangolie Ravine or return at other popular points such as the Pumphouse, it really depends on how far you feel like walking. There is signage along the path so you will be able to tell where you are and where you are going but as long as you are following the countours of the coast and are not heading straight up Table Mountain then you should be fine. Along the way you will pass the pipe many times and also a nice little river to wet your feet and cool off.

Nice ViewPipe

Be sure to get onto the route as early as you can & pack sun block, hats and water because there is very little shade on the route and it gets really hot. It is also a good idea to pack some sort of food if you plan to stop for a break on the route because you will most probably want to.

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