The view from the overseer's house in Kolmanskop is as stark as ever...

Cape to Namibia… and beyond the border…

Near to where my parents stay there is a bridge across the N7 and on that bridge is a tourist sign that says in bold white letters: Cape to Namibia route (North)… For years I would drive past that sign dreaming of just turning off the road and heading all the way up to and […]

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Elephants are part and parcel of the tourist experience in Thailand but try to be mindful of the practices used in their training.

Trekking in Mae Taeng – A new year to remember

Trekking in Mae Taeng was one of those once-in-a-lifetime treats that will make the highlight reel years later when I have long-since forgotten many other things. Doing it over 3 days spanning new years celebrations just made it all the sweeter. Over the course of the past 7 months we have spent nearly 3 months […]

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Above all else, regardless of what activities you get up to, remember to put your feet up and "sabai, sabai" (relax, relax)

Quintessential Koh Phangan

Over the past six months we have visited more South-East Asian tropical islands than we can count on both hands and have seen and done so many amazing things that it is tough to know where I want to start but because there are numerous reasons for it making our top three list, I thought […]

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Sweating it out on the mats, Thai style...

7 cheap or free things to do in Bangkok

When it comes to Asian mega cities, places like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing are the kingpins but South East Asia has the cherries on the city cake with the likes of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and especially Bangkok offering sprawling urban playgrounds for every pocket. If you are looking for things to do in Bangkok […]

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Tam and I in a rare photo together in front of Angkor Wat ☺

Of death fields, temple ruins and all-nighters – Cambodia: the highlight reel

I can’t recall, in all my travels, having come across a country quite like Cambodia, that crept into my heart with biting agony and joyful euphoria all at once. It is an incredible country to visit and will leave you spellbound by its tragic past and vibrant present. Quite simply, though, Cambodia really has it […]

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Whether we are doing something simple like grabbing a quick coffee or heading into a jungle for a trek, the important thing was that we were tackling it together, even if that meant one of us was getting strangled by the other by the end of it all. Somewhere in all that is the meaning of love, then, isn't it?

Funemployment and the ride of your life

I’ve officially been on the road, so to speak, for a good 5 weeks now – strike that, a great 5 weeks now – so perhaps it’s time I knuckled down and delved into what it is I have done, not where I have travelled and all that (I have endeavoured to start getting those […]

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Colour splash. Welcome to Mozzieambique - the land of texture and colour...

A Mid-May Meander in Mozzieambique

What started out as a real pie-in-the-sky conversation of following a friend’s band to Mozambique (or Mozzieambique as I have come to call it) for a gig turned into one of the best holidays you could imagine despite the fact that our plans to go to a music festival withered away when we found out […]

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With the cooling breeze of the southern tip of Africa rolling in on a warm spring day, Strandveld was the place to be...

Strandveld Vineyards: Sipping nectar at Africa’s southernmost wine farm

When most people visit the southern tip of Africa, in the Struisbaai and L’Agulhas region, they have the vision of getting their pic snapped on the little monument that marks the point where the two oceans meet. Not us. Having done that as a kid and subsequently over many visits, we opted to go have […]

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From the south of town you're afforded some great views just past the fish factory, head up there for some great pics :)

Eland’s Bay: Sand, surf, a stickified sign board and a window rock

Although I’ve visited Eland’s Bay before and stayed in the adjacent towns of Redelinghuys and Lambert’s Bay, I’ve never spent any significant amount of time in the small West Coast surfer town. For that reason, when I saw an online deal to stay at Vensterklip, about 4kms out of Eland’s Bay, I jumped at the […]

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Another, different angle of viewing pleasure...

The fisherman’s cabin at Bonnievale River Lodge

  I have stayed in more quaint and interesting places than I can even remember but something about the Fisherman’s Cabin, at Bonnievale River Lodge, made it one that will stay fresh in my mind for a while. (ed’s note: I wrote this last year – still fresh!) The word cosy is an understatement. Somehow […]

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